Cobb County Magistrate Court

Welcome to the Cobb County Magistrate Court's Electronic Filing [E-filing] process. A joint venture between ACS and Cobb County Magistrate Court was formed to enhance the process of filing Small Claims and/or Landlord-Tenant cases via the web. Cobb County Magistrate Court’s E-filing process offers all the conveniences of filing and paying from an offsite location. Please feel free to navigate the site and view the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "E-file Procedures" from the links below.

Note: Please use the navigation buttons provided on the E-file web page. Do not use the back button on the browser or your process will terminated.This site supports the use of Internet Explorer 6 and higher. The use of other internet browsers may interfere with your submission to Magistrate Court.

Thank you for using the Cobb County Electronic Filing system. We hope that you find the service convenient and simple to use. We are committed to providing you exceptional customer service!

Frank R. Cox
Chief Magistrate